PC Gaming on Sale: A Quick Guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018


Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 will hit on November 23, 2018 and November 26, 2018 respectively. Expect a lot of gamers snagging the best Asus motherboard or hoarding on some GTX 10 series on those dates.

Whether it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday that you want to splurge your money into, we have you covered on the items to look forward to on those dates.

What’s Black Friday?

If you haven’t been in touch with society, Black Friday is an annual event where almost EVERYTHING is on a huge discount whether it’s bags, appliances, shoes, or, in our case, games.

If you’re up for it, then expect people to rush to the same things you want.

What’s Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the calmer version of Black Friday as this is an online-only basis where you can buy stuff on the internet for the same big discounts as the one last Friday.

Black Friday 2018: PC Gaming Stuff to Expect

Expect fellow PC gaming master races to run to the aisle to acquire exactly the same thing that you want.

Hope you got your strength to resist other hoarding gamers because it’s going to be a brawl to get at least a Philips monitor.

PC Parts

WePC already covered all the essential parts you need on low discounts through our review:

Check out: The Best Black Friday Gaming PC Deals This 2018.

Here are the peripherals that are sure to be available on large discounts on that day:

Graphics Cards

You should be snagging a big momma like NVIDIA GTX 1080 as it will certainly be offered at a very high price cut.

AIO Liquid Cooler

We’ve always been fond of the best liquid coolers but none are as good as the CORSAIR HYDRO SERIES H100i v2. Expect a big discount for that.


A 1TB SSD is finally available in the market and we’re pretty sure the Samsung 850 EVO 1TB is going to be on top of the list as a to-die-for SSD.

It’s SSD, what’s not to fight for?


Do look out for a precious discount on the Razer DeathAdder Elite. Hold on to that tight.


Look for nothing else but the HyperX Cloud Revolver as your top priority to get this Black Friday.


Logitech G610 Orion is as good any Razer keyboard and more.


For the aspiring live streamers, we’ve got a recommendation for you. Look for the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 on a big discount that day.


ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q has always been our favorite. We’re pretty sure ASUS ROG is going to release a big discount for this particular monitor as the brand always has every year.

Monitors on Sale

If the ASUS ROG isn’t what you have in mind, we also have other of our handpicked choices you’d want to get your hands on.

Please refer to our Black Friday list of the monitors to look out for on that day:

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Physical copies such as Assassin’s Creed Origins, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and Prey should be within reach with a big discount.

Cyber Monday 2018: Top Deals for PC Gaming

The only thing you’ll be fighting against on this day is your own budget.

If you want to see the full list, check out our review: Cyber Monday Gaming PC Deals 2018 – Everything You Need to Find the Best Deals

PC Parts

We can’t tell which one will be on price slashes so if we were you, we’d wait on Nov. 26 for the best deals of the day.

Prebuilt PCs

Expect a couple or three to show up on Cyber Monday. We highly suspect that the CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXIVR8020A4 and iBUYPOWER View 21 013i are going to be in the list.

Gaming Laptops

We’re stoked that the Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop and the MSI GL62M 7REX-1896US will be in this year’s event.


Expect these two accessories to be seen in the Cyber Monday deals:


You should be expecting a ton of the best deals to be seen on Steam this year. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to snag some free stuff on Humblebundle that day so pay attention.

Other game discounts include Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Prey and key codes for

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

Monitors to Look Forward to

The likes of Acer, AOC, and Viewsonic are sure to offer small price tags that day.

Take a look at our 2018 Cyber Monday Monitor Deals: Find the Best Monitor Deals Here.

Non-Gaming Laptops and Macbooks

If you’re not looking for any apparatus on gaming, we also have a detailed review on the list of laptops and Macbooks you should be looking forward to on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and where exactly you can get them:

Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday 2018: When and where to get the best deals

So that takes care of all that. Just remember to take good care of yourself especially on Black Friday; you’ll never know how much of a ruckus you’ll be getting yourself into.

Stay safe this Black Friday! Cyber Monday doesn’t have that type of hassle anyway.